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30 Day Prayer Challenge

  • Day 30 of 30 Prayer Challenge: Celebrate

    Day 30 of 30 Prayer Challenge: Celebrate

    Enjoy a day of celebrating all that God has done and all that He will do to answer your prayers and help start churches eager to reach people with the gospel. Pray that five Regular Baptist church plants will get started in 2017. Pray for the parent churches and church planters needed to lead these church ...more

  • Day 28 of 30 Prayer Challenge: Praise

    Day 28 of 30 Prayer Challenge: Praise

    Thank God for all He has done to bless North America. Ask Him to continue to open doors for the church to grow in its capacity to participate in His mission in the ...more

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  • Equipping Church Plants

    Equipping Church Plants

    Pointing individuals and churches in the direction of quality resources that can help them become stronger church ...more


  • Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

    Discern your aptitude and readiness for church planting quickly and easily by taking a free online ...more

Church Planting in the News

  • Help Open Something Significant this Christmas!

    Help Open Something Significant this Christmas!

    The excitement of a child at Christmas opening the presents under the tree is hard to match. Anticipation and joy fills the room–love is all around! You can be part of presenting a profoundly meaningful gift, a new church. The mission field is great and church plants are needed to reach the lost and disciple new believers. An eternal joy exudes as new believers accept the gift of eternal life, grow in their "childlike" faith through the teaching of The Word, ...more

Tuesday Talks on Church Planting

  • Backyard Missions

    Backyard Missions

    God has called us to reach the world. In His sovereign providence, He decided to bring most of that world to the United States. ...more

  • Core Goal

    Core Goal

    Natalie is busy. Four children—one with special needs—keeps her occupied and happy. But beneath the smiles and laughter, I can see a tiredness that infects any mother of four. Somehow, in the midst of it all, she finds the energy to invest in her church. Worship team. Informal mentoring. Doing life together with a group of fellow believers. She loves God. She loves people. She is an answer to prayer. Nicole is beyond busy. Five children (eight and under) and a full-time job as a NICU educator for a large hospital ...more

Genesis Intiative

  • Launching the Genesis Initiative

    Working together provides our best opportunity to plant stronger churches that reach, disciple, and release people to plant more churches. Let’s partner to plant stronger ...more