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Bethany Baptist Launches Spanish-Language Church

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  • Churches Partner to Reach Millennials in Minnesota

    Churches Partner to Reach Millennials in Minnesota

    Terry Forrest wants to plant a Regular Baptist church in Byron, Minnesota, primarily to reach Millennials, but also to give his kids and grandkids a church to attend. And after that’s started, he wants to plant churches in the surrounding communities as ...more

Tuesday Talks on Church Planting

  • Vision


    Faith is the ability to see in the dark. It's the capacity of a leader to look beyond all the reasons a church can't move forward, and motivate people to advance. We call this vision. ...more

  • Bobber Watchers

    Bobber Watchers

    Regular Baptist Church Planting wants to help you cast a new vision that helps you build teams and develop leaders. ...more

Church Planters

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  • Equipping Church Plants

    Equipping Church Plants

    Pointing individuals and churches in the direction of quality resources that can help them become stronger church ...more


  • Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

    Discern your aptitude and readiness for church planting quickly and easily by taking a free online ...more


Genesis Intiative

  • Launching the Genesis Initiative

    Working together provides our best opportunity to plant stronger churches that reach, disciple, and release people to plant more churches. Let’s partner to plant stronger ...more