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  • Church Planting Module Opens Eyes to Needs and Possibilities

    Church Planting Module Opens Eyes to Needs and Possibilities

    Just as God expects living things to be fruitful and multiply, so He expects churches to do the same, suggested Dr. Ken Davis at the start of a concentrated module on church planting presented at the 2016 GARBC Conference, held at Harvest New Beginnings. Attendees were asked to examine this proposition through the lens of the Great Commission. Davis pointed out that more and better churches are a necessary watershed for making more and better disciples. Davis further exhorted pastors and ...more

  • Clare Jewell Introduces the Genesis Initiative

    Clare Jewell Introduces the Genesis Initiative

    On Wednesday evening, National Church Planting Coordinator Clare Jewell enthusiastically introduced the Genesis initiative to GARBC Conference attendees. The goal of the initiative is to plant 100 new Regular Baptist churches by ...more

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  • Equipping Church Plants

    Equipping Church Plants

    Pointing individuals and churches in the direction of quality resources that can help them become stronger church ...more


  • Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

    Discern your aptitude and readiness for church planting quickly and easily by taking a free online ...more


Genesis Intiative

  • Launching the Genesis Initiative

    Working together provides our best opportunity to plant stronger churches that reach, disciple, and release people to plant more churches. Let’s partner to plant stronger ...more