POTTSTOWN, Pa.—Branch Life Church is looking forward to soon entering the launch stage of its church-planting process.

Branch Life Church began in March 2018 with the help of a Start Up grant from Regular Baptist Builders Club. Now the church’s core team of 53 adults is planning a public launch of weekly worship gatherings on April 28. Leading up to the grand opening is a series of events designed to share the gospel, introduce the church to the community, and connect more people with the church.

The first of these events was a community service project. Core team members wrapped Christmas presents at two businesses, giving the church the opportunity to introduce itself to several new contacts and invite them to the second of the planned events, a Christmas worship service. Following the service project, 132 people attended the Christmas service, which the church calls a “participatory gathering” featuring music and the presentation of the gospel.

The next event, the first of monthly preview services, took place on Jan. 13. A lack of sufficient meeting venues, combined with public school policies that prevent churches from meeting on Sundays in a school, led Branch Life Church to hold its preview services in the newly built worship center of another church. After its public launch, Branch Life Church plans to continue holding services at this church, so the preview services are opportunities for the congregation to worship in what will eventually be its home.

Ninety-nine people attended the first preview service, where Pastor Josh Park, speaking on the overall theme “God-Sized Questions,” answered the question “Who is God?” Perhaps the most significant part of the service, says Team Pastor Scott Greening, is that a guest who had also attended the Christmas service professed Christ as Savior.

The second preview service, with Park answering the question “Where is God?,” took place Feb. 10; 182 people attended. The Branch Life team was excited that many guests from the first preview service returned for the second, and many of the guests plan to return for the third preview service on March 10.

After its first preview service, Branch Life Church further met people in the community through another community service project: serving lunch on two days to a local police department. Next, on Feb. 28 and March 6, the church will serve breakfast to teachers at two elementary schools.

As Branch Life Church looks toward its public launch, one goal of the church is to grow its prayer support team to include 1,000 emails. To join the prayer support team, sign up at branchlife.church/join-our-prayer-team.