Regular Baptist Church Planting is here to help you navigate the church planting process.



Our goal is to point individuals and churches in the direction of quality resources that can help them become stronger church planters.


The following is a collection of articles, books, and other resources that can be instrumental in catching the vision of church planting and in your development as a church or individual committed to church planting.



The following books are great resources for church planters and can be instrumental throughout the church planting process. (This list is not a blanket endorsement of each book and author, but rather a recognition of some helpful and valuable content. As always, the reader should use discernment.)

Strong Church Strong Church: Building and Measuring Mature Disciples
by John Greening
Spin Off Churches Spin-off Churches: How One Church Successfully Plants Another
by Rodney Harrison, Tom Cheyney, and Don Overstreet
Planting Missional Churches Planting Missional Churches
by Ed Stetzer
Parent Church Landmines Parent Church Landmines
by Ben Ingebretson and Tom Nebel
Center Church Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City
by Timothy Keller

Regular Baptist Press carries a number of the above titles as well as other church planting books.

Networking Ministries

Many networking ministries have amazing support and programs for church planters, such as enabling people to become full-time missionary church planters, offering church planting schools, and holding meetings for encouragement and support. We encourage those interested in church planting to check out these ministries and see how they might become part of your journey.