Kingdom work starts on our knees. God movements happen when God’s people pray.

These prayers must be rooted in a firm conviction that every worthwhile endeavor is birthed through the power of God. He is not an afterthought. We are not seeking His endorsement. We are bowing before Him in humble submission to His sovereign plan, in full recognition of our need for His wisdom.

As we embark on this mission to plant new churches, we know that this entire enterprise must be drenched in grace and bathed in prayer. We must start with God, not as a means of gaining favor, but as our only source of hope. We pray, not as a ritual or to be spiritual or to impress anyone else on this planet. We pray out of utter desperation. We pray in full recognition that this must be of Him, for Him, and by Him if anything of lasting value is to occur. Eternal impact is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

So we ask you to join us as we start the Church Planting Initiative from our knees with the 30-Day Prayer Challenge. A prayer guide will help you focus outward toward the thousands of lost people who live in our neighborhoods, go to our schools, and serve next to us at work. In addition, a prayer guide for churches is designed to help congregations engage in the Great Commission. Let’s come before the Father and appeal to His heart for those who don’t yet know Him. And as we do, let’s ask Him to make our own hearts a little bit more like His.

Clare_JewellClare Jewell
National Church Planting Coordinator
for Regular Baptist Ministries